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Ode to Queen Ann

I prefer the Queen, thank you
With her fishermen and crafters
Try not to love the off season
Because that’s when the Queen quiets
The harbor coated in white fluff
Dogs free to run and greet one another with impunity
No need to leash (although the sign says to)
Warm pubs with dice games and restaurants that consider you family
The Queen loves the quiet

But when it’s warm she’s beautiful too
Alive with sandy toes and saltwater taffy making
The sails launched and St Peter celebrated
Greasy poles, lobster traps, and frozen drinks
Her ocean crashing up against her shores, eliciting joyful giggles from her children
The evenings thick with aloe on sunburns and frozen drinks to cool foreheads
The Queen loves the sound of her season

I’ll take the Queen instead


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